What Happened To My Older Post?

Yes + it’s the burning question + all of those older post + all that work + and yes…just all of everything.  I have been busy trying to convert everything I can and the reason for this is that I’ve changed hosting sites.  I’m sure there is some sort of tutorial floating around on how to do this seamlessly + but I missed that memo + and I’m sure there is a way to connect one blog with the other + but I haven’t found it so basically all of my post remain in the blog-O-sphere but at least they’re not gone.   I’ve moved the post to another blog (LifeByWyetha) + just click on the project to see the progress.  A full house tour is coming because my little structure has come a long way since I started this journey 7 months ago.  If your new to my blog start at the first post titled “Hello”.

Project #10 (Continued) “It’s a Box…Uh it’s a Chair”
Project #10: Beginning the Prototype
Side Project: A Little Extra
Project #9: Coffee Table Book *Update*
Project Interim: “Spring Cleaning”
Project #8: Window Plant Box
Project #7: Lighting
Project #6.2: Little Details
Project #6.1: Paint Touch-Up + Decals + and Window Framing
Project #5 Wrap Up: Floors Done!
Project #5: Flooring
Project #4: Updates & Progress
Project #3: Side Table
Project #2: Pouf Seating
Project #1: Curtains

Thanks again for visiting “The Dollplace Project” + and look for upcoming projects to be featured soon.

Image credit: HerCreativeStudio

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