Wig-Making Adventures

Now the “fun” + “oh-no’s” + and..”I didn’t do that right” begin as I start to make 1 of 2 wigs for Mitsuki (My Dolling HeeAh).  While the Aplaca hair hasn’t arrived I wanted to get started on making the wig caps which is relatively simple.  All I need (according to the University of You Tube) is Mod Podge, rubber-bands, plastic baggy (large enough to cover my doll), and an old shirt made with some spandex.

I’m basically covering my doll with the plastic baggy + placing the shirt (which is cut into a small square) on top and securing it with two rubber-bands (I couldn’t find a large one, so I’m making due) + Then with a brush applying a few layer(s) of Mod Podge + then letting it dry and harden + then repeating this process 1 time. + Once the cap is hard it should have the shape of my dollies head + I cut off the excess + and then the cap is ready for the hair.

My Suri Aplaca Locs come from Michigan which means they cost a little more but don’t have to travel overseas which could take up to 1 month. + It’s also a plus that the animal is not harmed in the process of shearing + the hair is triple washed and dyed. + I also feel good because I get to help out a small farm in the process and support small owned businesses.

Here is a short recap (I removed all my dolls clothing + except for her pants + I was less concerned about getting glue on those then my actual doll)




Now I will wait until Monday evening and do 1-2 more coats + then let it dry until Wednesday or Thursday. + After that I’ll remove the cap and cut off the excess. + My only regret is that I didn’t get all of the folds out of the cap + I wanted it to be completely smooth + and I’m sure this will effect how the hair lays + but I will just have to wait and see.

Thanks so much for visiting The Dollplace Project + and I hope you comeback for the progress in my adventures in wig-making. — Wye



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