Wig-Making Adventures: My Alpaca Hair

First off let me just give a shout out to Hobnob Studio on Etsy for the beautiful Suri Alpaca Locs. + This is the softest hair evah….(it really is). + I will have to trim it, and I know I will loose some when I brush it, but it’s so beautiful and really clean. + I’ve purchased several wigs over the years + some synthetic wigs + and a few mohair wigs but this is my first time getting Alpaca hair and I can’t wait to use it. + Since my wig cap situation I’ve been pretty hesitant about using the one really good wig cap I have before I purchase another. + I want one identical to the one I purchased from Ebay several years ago with an elastic fitting. + However, I don’t want to wait a month before I receive it because most of the sellers of these types of wig caps are overseas + so I’m holding out a bit. + I’ve also been doing a bit of research and watching some wig tutorials, and since my cap is fabric I think I’ll will use fabric glue vs. Mod Podge. + This is because fabric glue can take heat and I don’t believe the Mod Podge can. + This is not to say that I will be using an iron on this hair but if I want to smooth it out on low heat with an iron I’ll be able to do so without worrying about melting the glue away.

Here are just a few pictures of the locs.



I’m hoping to get started on this really soon. + I’ve reached out to a few sellers on Etsy about the wig cap so I’m just waiting. + In the meantime I will work on a few more decor and furniture items in the condo.

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