Wig-Making Adventures: Wig Cap Review

This is just a brief review on the wig cap that made last week. + So far the process is just as the tutorial described and here are some of the pros and cons that I encountered in this process.

CON :: My issues are that (and this is my error) + I didn’t fit the fabric smoothly on my dolls head which is important. + So when I make this again I will ensure that I make sure the fabric is smooth and fitted.

PRO :: The cap I made is custom to the shape of my dolls head and not just the generic size for the doll. (Which is hit or miss) . My HeeAh has a strange size head.  Usually MSD dolls are a size 7/8  the My Dolling Doll is a size 6/7 and the cap’s for that size don’t quite fit her or it’s so tight and her resin is so smooth that it just slides off the moment you pit it on (I have used tape to adhere the wig but I know that will ruin the resin on the doll over time, so I prefer just to have a cap that fits. + My doll came from Korea and I’ve been scoping out the same wig for 2 years and it always says “sold out” so the need is real.

CON :: The cap is larger because there is no elastic in the fabric + just the glue. + While I get a great cap I’ve found that once I put the cap on + making the slightest movement the cap comes right off so there is no adhesion to my dolls head which leads me back to + using tape and I really want to stay away from that.

PRO :: Making your own wig cap is learning a new skill. + I’m all about learning a new skill or craft when it comes to my dolls so anything I can do to experiment and save my self a bit a money in the process is well worth it + and if I can manage this it will be one more thing I can add to the list of things I’ve learned how to do in this process.

With this said I do have a back-up plan.  I purchased a fabric (sewn) wig cap with elastic at the back of the cap some years ago. + I use it on my doll when the wig is to big + and it helps to fill the space + so I could use that cap + and adhere my alpaca hair to that because that cap is a perfect fit + and it fits all of my dolls so the wig that I make has the potential to fit all three. + If I decide to use this method I will want others so I will be dong a bit of backtracking to try to remember where I made the purchase. + Ebay doesn’t track your purchases beyond 2015.

Thanks again for visiting “The Dollplace Project” + and look for more project and DIYs as I transform my two IKEA lack tables in a dolly diorama.  Sources for this post can be found under the “Sources” tab.  If you want to start from beginning check out my first post for my blog titled “Hello” on Life By Wyetha.