Reflection – Upcoming Changes

Iknow I’ve been “mia” for past few months, but I needed some time for reflection. While my blog is a simple one (and I like that way) there have been some unforeseen events in my life that I have kept me away.

Dealing with the death(s) of a family member and then (literally) the death of another family member within a 2-week period left me a little lost. Taking the time to grieve seemed like the best medicine + but I don’t want to wallow in my grief — and my family wouldn’t want me to either.  So I thought ok I’ll just take a bit of time to gain some clarity. This blog has been my space for creativity, my place to express myself; the place where it’s ok to play with dolls. I love my dolls and they are a fantastic distraction for everything.

I also want to take things further than just working on my dolly condo and start making other things. Case in point, I’ve had the hardest time trying to find wigs that fit my dolls correctly. Especially my HeeAh (My Dolling) doll. Her head circumference is smaller than my mini-fee and my Blue Blood doll so I’m hoping to start making wigs. I can’t afford to pay $25-$80 for a doll wig, and some of them may be worth it, because the creator of that wig spent hours making it.

To make an omelet you gotta crack a few eggs + and through trial and error I could make something that would actually work.  Purchasing the hair is the only money that I will need to spend.  The rest of the supplies I have on hand. So while I still want to work on the house + I do get a bit burnt out just solely grinding. The new plan is to incorporate more photography, accessories for the condo, and some wigs + as well as everything else that was planned when I started this blog.

I’ve also switched my web hosting so that I can have more flexibility on the style of blog + and template selections that you don’t get from But don’t get me wrong, I love the WordPress community because your subscribers + and others see your content immediately and they comment, like and show love. So this change was really for me to better express my creativity.  So onward and upward, with better content and the ease of use. If your currently a subscriber thanks for hanging with me this far, and I look forward to posting more pretty doll things.

Thanks again for visiting The Dollplace Project. — Wyetha

Image credit: Gabriela Dantur